John Cena And Sting Made A 7-Year-Old Cancer Survivor’s Night After ‘Raw’ Went Off The Air

john cena sting cancer survivor

YouTube - WWE

Probably the coolest thing WWE wrestlers do, making little kids dreams come true, is something that is rarely caught on camera. You see, little kids don’t care that it’s fake. These wrestlers are superheroes in real life to many of these children. So when a wrestler takes the time to single them out it really can have an impact.

On Monday night after Raw went off the air, cameras did catch one of these moments with John Cena and Sting giving love to a 7-year-old cancer survivor named Kiara Grindrod.

Last night was actually Sting’s first in-ring wrestling appearance on Raw so it was already a special night for those in attendance, but what happened afterward was even more special. As the crowd so aptly put it as the scene unfolded, “this is awesome.”

Cena and Sting, after defeating Seth Rollins and The Big Show took time to make a very special announcement about Kiara and how she’d whipped cancer. Then Cena proceeded to go into the crowd, give Kiara a big hug, and Sting, who followed, gave her one of his gloves.

Watch the whole thing, because it’ll make you feel good, and when the crowd starts chanting “yes” feel free to chant right along with them.

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