For The First Time In Years, John Cena Actually Cracked Me The Hell Up

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John Cena Total Divas

Total Divas / E!

Total Divas is a thing. It’s a thing that, as a wrestling fan, I try to ignore. Not because of the Divas but because I’m not a fan of reality TV. Not since the original Real World has it been “reality.”

Total Divas is a way to get females interested in the WWE product. It’s not a dumb idea but it’s not meant for me. I’m glad some people watch it  — and even recap it — because if they didn’t a gem like this video would have slipped right past me.

In an upcoming episode, Nikki Bella asks boyfriend John Cena to get in a workout with her. It’s just an excuse to put Nikki in tight workout clothes and an idea I’m 100% behind. Cena decides to have a little fun for Nikki, and the cameras, by slapping on some of his original ring gear to work up a sweat.

There are countless reasons Cena has become this generation’s Hulk Hogan — most are true — but if the WWE is looking to do something different with Cena, I’d be 99% behind this mask and singlet idea. I’m slightly more supportive of Nikki Bella in workout gear, hence the 1%. Remember Hogan’s run as Mr. America? Keep that in mind with Cena’s upcoming feud with Rusev. The dots are all starting to connect.

John Cena actually made me laugh in this clip. He wasn’t trying to insult anyone in the ring or call women odd but derogatory names. He was just being a ham. I like that John Cena. Give me that John Cena every week on Raw. Give me a guy who’s just having fun who could also punch your teeth in. Make him the Manny Ramirez of the WWE. John just being John.

U Can’t Not Laugh At Me.

John Cena

Total Divas / E!

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