John Cena’s Facebook Page Got Hacked And Posting This Photo Was The Most Embarrassing Thing Hackers Could Come Up With?

Over the weekend, John Cena‘s official Facebook page was busted open wider than Dusty Rhodes’s forehead in a “loser leaves town” match. The perpetrators wasted little time posting “explicit” photos to the page of the WWE superstar. Wrestlezone was quick to get a screengrab.

Hulk Hogan smokes? That’s kind of shocking.

Look, if you’re going to take the time and energy to hack a person’s Facebook account, you’ve got to come with something a little stronger than this crap. Actually, ANYTHING would have been better than that pic of someone’s uncle taking in a nice game of horseshoes on a hot summer day.¬†According to Wrestlezone, other photos were posted, probably the rest of the set from the folder “Pop Pop’s summer time BBQ.”

If you’re going to post embarrassing topless photos to John Cena’s page, choose any of these next time.

[H/T: With Spandex]

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