Two-Time Olympic ‘Skeleton’ Athlete Explains What It’s Like To Fly 90 MPH Head First Down The Track

John Daily Team USA Skeleton Winter Olympics

Great Big Story / YouTube

Two of the best offbeat events in the Winter Olympics are Curling (obviously) and the Skeleton. I say ‘offbeat’ because these are sports we don’t typically see on TV. Obviously, the Hockey tournament is one of the best and most-bro events of the Winter Olympics but that’s mainstream.

The Skeleton is a solitary sport. You’ve got one man sitting atop a luge/plank attached to razor-sharp blades and that person is FLYING down the bobsled track at speeds of around 90 miles per hour. AND they’re doing all of this going head first. If they crash, that’s a 90mph impact to the skull.

Two-time Team USA Olympic athlete John Daly (not *that* John Daly) got together with Great Big Story to explain what it feels like to explode down the track at speeds fast enough to kill you if you were to crash head first:

It’s probably pretty f’n obvious by now but I’m REALLY stoked for the 2018 Winter Olympics. I work remotely/from home these days instead of the BroBible offices in LA or NYC and I’m a multi-tasker. So I spend my days whipping up articles for you bros with the TV on in the background. This enables me to keep up on daytime sports in a way that I never knew was possible during the years I was working from the BroBible office in SoHo.

Daytime TV doesn’t offer a ton of quality programming outside of Let’s Make A Deal and The Price Is Right. But the Winter Olympics means the next month will be filled with quality sports TV all day long. And that means my quality of life is about to improve exponentially.