John Daly Loses It After Three-Straight Bad Shots, Tosses Club Into Lake Michigan

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Other than Arnold Palmer—who I never actually saw play, but for obvious reasons, was the king of cool on a golf course—John Daly might just be my all-time favorite golfer.

Somewhat of a degenerate who, somehow, earned his PGA Tour Card and was actually good early in his career by winning two majors, Daly has had some tumultuous days out on the golf course.

There was the scary instance of him getting the shakes during a tournament in 1998 as he battled his alcohol problems, and the lightheartedness of some of his wardrobe choices while whacking the hell out of a golf ball.

With some interesting times on the course, Daly added another on to that list today, when, at the PGA Championship, he went completely haywire after three-straight horrid shots on the par-3, seventh hole, ultimately finishing the hole with a 10.

// the video shows, Daly didn’t just hit one or two balls into the water, but three, causing him to lose his cool and toss the club he was using into Lake Michigan, allowing some lucky kid to retrieve and keep it as a souvenir.

To get a better idea of how bad it was for Daly, here’s the 10-shot chart from that par-3:


Oh, Johnny Boy, we’ve all been there before, believe me. Hell, I once broke two clubs against a tree during one VERY drunken round of golf because it took me four shots to go about 35 yards, so don’t think you’re the only one who gets a temper out there.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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