John Elway Calls Joe Flacco A ‘Perfect Fit’ For The Broncos, Just Like He Did For 4 Other Failed QBs

John Elway Calls Joe Flacco The Perfect Fit For The Denver Broncos

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Okay, show of hands… who out there thinks Joe Flacco, Elite Quarterback, is the final piece of the puzzle in Denver? The man who will return the Broncos to their former glory? Take them to the promised land of Super Bowl LIV?

Put your hand back down, John Elway. Your vote doesn’t count around here.

That’s because Elway just called Joe Flacco a “perfect fit” for his Denver Broncos, aka the kiss of death.

Why is it the kiss of death? Because, thanks to Andy Nesbitt of For The Win bringing this to my attention, this is the 11th time by my count in recent memory that John Elway has called someone a “perfect fit” for the Broncos, and eight of the previous 10 (including four quarterbacks) have not exactly panned out.

The only reason it’s not 10 out of 10 (yet), is because the Broncos’ new head coach Vic Fangio and new right tackle Ja’Wuan James were also called a “perfect fit” by Elway.

You know who else Elway thought was a “perfect fit” for the Denver Broncos?

Case Keenum

Vance Joseph

Paxton Lynch

C.J. Anderson

Gary Kubiak

Brock Osweiler

Okay, not exactly “perfect fit,” but Osweiler knew what Elway meant and had his back.

John Fox

Tim Tebow

Maybe Elway is right when you really think about it. Maybe Flacco really is a “perfect fit” in Denver.

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