Breathtaking Footage From John John Florence’s First Film Will Make You Want To Go Surf ASAP

The guys over at Men’s Journal had the honor of sitting down with professional surfer John John Florence for an awesome interview to debut the trailer for his EPIC new film project, “A View From A Blue Moon.”

The film, three years in the making, follows Florence around the world in search of the means to extend the boundaries of surfing and conquer the gnarliest swells known to man. A dream come true, John John Florence commissioned a ton of amazing HD camera gear and a goddamn helicopter to make this thing a literal cinematic masterpiece.

Sit back and enjoy the trailer, bros.

Yeah, I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty much headed out my door to get out in the lineup right now. “View From A Blue Moon” looks flat out insane. Can’t wait to see it.

For some more insight on the highly-anticipated surfdoc, you can scoop the rest of John John Florence’s stellar interview RIGHT HERE.

[via Men’s Journal]