John Wall’s Pre-Game Beverage of Choice Is Extremely Unhealthy

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What do you think an elite athlete like John Wall (one of the fastest players in the NBA) drinks every day?

Water? Gatorade? Smart Water? Coconut water? Something hydrating?

Nope. John Wall drinks two large McDonald’s hot chocolates (with extra sugar) every day. One in the morning and one before game time. Via the DC Sports Bog:

“I just like hot chocolate that much,” he explained. “It’s a habit. I have one before the game and one in the morning. If I don’t get one in the morning [on off days], I’ll at least get two after practice to go home.”

Someone suggested that Wall adds extra sugar packets to the McDonald’s drink; “only like one or two,” he said. “Not too much. They make it extra chocolatey and stuff, so it’s good.”

Wall’s 24. Give it time. He won’t be able to keep that up much longer. But for now, I’m fine with a playoff run being fueled by Mickey D’s bevs.

By the way, that’s 1080 calories, before sugar.

[Image via USA Today]

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