Insane Lawsuit Alleges Johnny Manziel Sent Photos of His Penis On a Hot Dog Bun, Plenty of Other Stuff

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A bizarre sexual harassment lawsuit against Johnny Manziel has been filed in Florida, seeking damages up to $25 million.

The document, which has been confirmed to be a real piece of litigation on behalf of “Samantha Schacher,” contains a laundry list of insane allegations, including a claim Manziel sent the woman a picture of his penis on a hot dog bun.

Manziel’s agent has quickly responded, basically calling the lawsuit a bunch of baloney.

You are absolutely going to want to dive into the document. Among some of the terribly spelled highlights:

  • Johnny Manziel refers to his penis as his Vienna Sausage.
  • Johnny Manziel said he Skypes with Jurdereon Clowney [Jadeveon?] and has a picture of Clowney’s 9-inch penis
  • Johnny Manziel wanted a threesome with Dr. Drew
  • Johnny Manziel promised to get penis enlargement surgery after being drafted
  • … and a heaping pile of other stuff you couldn’t even think to fabricate.

Samantha Schacher v Johnny Manziel

Right now, it’s believed the suit was filed under an alias. Schacher is a CNN contributor and the address listed on the document is the network’s Atlanta headquarters.

No matter what happens next, we can thank the prankster behind this action for some mental imagery we’ll never be able to shake.



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