Johnny Manziel Gets Roasted After Reading Open Letter To Baker Mayfield

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Johnny Manziel open letter advice to Baker Mayfield

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On ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown they inevitably run out of things to talk about. There are only so many ways you can speculate on how the day’s games might play out and still keep it interesting over the course of a 3-hour show each week.

They need to keep it fresh, and by ‘fresh’ they thought it would be a good idea to bring Johnny Manziel on the show who hasn’t played in the NFL since 2015. Johnny came on Sunday NFL Countdown and read an open letter to Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield and the general gist of this letter was that they are, in fact, different human beings.

Johnny went to TAMU. Baker went to Texas Tech and then Oklahoma. They both won the Heisman even though Baker Mayfield famously began his career as a walk-on. Johnny is from Tyler, Texas and Baker’s from Austin.

Only complete dipshits have ever confused Johnny Manziel’s antics with Baker Mayfield but that didn’t stop ESPN from thinking Johnny’s two years in the NFL qualified him to come on Sunday NFL Countdown and give advice to Baker in a really weird segment. After the segment aired, naturally, Johnny Manziel got roasted. Here’s the clip:

Here’s the transcript of that video just in case you’d rather read than watch a video.

Dear Baker, if there’s one thing you already know, one thing that everybody already knows, you and I are not the same person. No matter how many people try to compare us, even before the same team drafted us, we know we are never fully defined by the way we play, or the uniform we wear.

What I do know is this: life’s experiences are the best teachers. Through all the good days you’ll encounter over your career there, you’ll undoubtedly face some tough ones as well. Through all the good and the bad, stay close to your family, and more so, continue to be you. That’s what’s taken you from a walk-on to a Heisman trophy winner to a first-round draft pick.

Beyond all that, Baker, I simply want to wish you all the success that you deserve. I hope you don’t take a single day, a single snap, for granted. I hope you own the moment, and give the Browns fans every bit of happiness that they deserve.

Your friend, Johnny Manziel. (via Deadspin)

I’m sure Johnny was very thankful for the TV coverage. He’s appeared in 4 CFL games this season and famously threw 4 interceptions in his debut. The ‘Comeback SZN’ hype was dead after his debut so he must’ve enjoyed getting the chance to appear on ESPN once again.

Johnny did get roasted by most of the Internet for this one and it has me wondering where the Johnny Football fans of the world are these days or if he’s alienated his entire audience.

It’s remarkable at how much people *hate* Johnny Manziel these days when he used to be viewed as one of the most entertaining athletes in the NCAA/NFL.

That fake mustache was legendary.

He speaks the truth.

This man speaks for all of Cleveland.

It’s sad that this was probably EXACTLY how the pitch meeting went down.

So, I think you all get the point. Everyone who sniffed that clip is wondering why in the actual shit ESPN would think Johnny Manziel is capable of giving advice to anyone, let along Baker Mayfield whose currently the starter of the Cleveland Browns and nearly won in overtime yesterday.

I can envision this becoming a Pete Rose-style event in the future. Where you can pay $250 to show up at an autograph signing and get Johnny Manziel to read you advice that he’s adlibbed by having you fill in your name, adjective, noun, adjective, adverb, and noun.

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