Johnny Manziel Photobomb In Picturesque Aspen While Drinking His Favorite Beer

These people thought they were real slick by taking a beautiful photo of the Rocky Mountains in Aspen and just so happened to get Johnny Manziel in frame. For the first time this year Manziel picked up on the coverage and gave a big ole smile to acknowledge their attempt. It was a great way to get a picture with Manziel without taking him away from his liquid lunch and he obliged with a great photobomb. It appears it was Miller Time and Manziel was dressed like he just got free swag from a Miller Lite promo girl.

Besides the Miller Lite, Johnny also indulged on some bubbly.

It’s probably really, really fun to be friends with Johnny.

Apparently there is also video of Money Manziel in Aspen, but it has not been verified.