Johnny Manziel Throws MAJOR Shade At His Dad As He Reps A Josh Gordon Jersey In Cabo

The #JohnnyWatch continues!

Today, the defunct Browns’ quarterback took the party bus to Cabo, and checked in with a nice #hiDad hashtag – presumably to let the man who basically disowned him at the end of last week know that he was, in fact, against all odds, still alive. Nice touch, J-Footy.

Is it a coincidence the Johnny is wearing the jersey of another guy that will never play in the NFL again because he’s too stupid not to trip over his own shadow of incompetence? Methinks not.

But fuck it, why use your actual athletic talent for anything when you can just be drunk/stoned/rolling/JohnnyFUCKINGPARTYFootball 24/7/365!? Makes no sense, I know.

All is well in Johnnyland. The sun is shining in Cabo, and that Josh Gordon jersey is, actually, autographed.

Also, #HappyBdayDaveEvans.

[h/t 120Sports]

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