Johnny Manziel Made A Flippant Post-Mugshot Video With His Family Because Domestic Violence Is Funny, Right?

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Meri-Margaret Manziel, Instagram

So you just got booked on misdemeanor assault charges for allegedly hitting your ex-girlfriend, what’s the first thing you do? After taking a smug mugshot and then making jokes about it, I mean?

If you are Johnny Manziel logic dictates that you follow that up by getting together with your family and making a video GUARANTEED to show that you truly have no clue how seriously your life is spiraling.

That’s right. His sister, mom and dad are all in the video with him as they too apparently have no clue and give no fucks either.

As Busted Coverage astutley points out, there is no doubt that the chosen song for the video, Drake’s “Feel No Ways,” was meant to send some sort of misguided message with lyrics such as this…

Feel a way, feel a way, young nigga feel a way
I’ve stopped listening to things you say
Cause you don’t mean it anyway, yeah
Feel a way, feel a way, young nigga feel a way
Maybe we should have just did things my way
Instead of the other way

Here’s another copy of the video, because if the family can combine together to create one functioning brain the video will probably be taken down at some point.

Manziel is being arraigned for misdemeanor assault in his domestic violence case this morning.

Pretty safe to say that Johnny Effing Football will be joining this list of the worst NFL Draft busts in very short order…

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