Johnny Manziel Revealed What Team He Wants To Play For When His ‘Comeback’ Is Complete (Try Not To LOL)

Johnny Manziel, who is now a full month into the “clean and sober” stage of his comeback, was caught up with by TMZ at, you guessed it, a club.

Leaving The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, Johnny was very excited about his partner in crime, I mean former teammate Josh Gordon being reinstated. He even gave the Cleveland Browns some advice, which I am sure they immediately wrote down and will be implementing very soon.

Naturally, the photographer then asked if Johnny was still planning on returning to the NFL, to which JFF replied, “Absolutely, brotha.”

The photog then asked Manziel which team he’d like to make his triumphant return on and Johnny answered without hesitation… wait for it… “Cowboys.”

On the plus side, Johnny does appear to be sober in this video so maybe there’s a chance?

Yeah, probably not.

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