Johnny Manziel Is Already Backtracking On His Sobriety Claims, Admits That ‘I’m Not Saying I’m Never Drinking Again’

Another day, another story of Johnny Manziel not living up to expectations. While the troubled quarterback claimed that July 1st would be the first day of his newfound sobriety, various reports from people staying with him in his rented Cabo house implied that Manziel was either getting absolutely shitfaced in the days leading up to July 1st, or that his claims of sobriety would be short lived (smoking joints in public, really?) But it’s now July 18th, and somehow we’ve gone 18 days with barely a peep out of Manziel. Could it be that he’s finally turned his life around? That he’s training for his NFL comeback? That he’s, dare I say it, sober?

Maybe. Maybe he’s sober maybe he isn’t, but in a statement to The Washington Post he admits that sobriety probably won’t be permanent:

“I’m actually doing well. I have good friends around me supporting what I do and I try to support them in what they want to do. I’m not saying I’m never drinking again, but for now just mostly being healthy. I’ve got a killer gym in my house and I can spend time working out. I’m interested in doing a lot of different things in my life — including football — but, right now, I’m just exploring options and waiting to see what the future holds.”

Does “exploring options” means playing Pokemon Go in the club, or does it mean “Which new hot Playmate should I invite to party with me in Cabo?” Regardless, Manziel has a helluva long way to even touching an NFL jersey, although if he’s feeling nostalgic he can buy one of his own for the same price as two cheeseburgers at McDonald’s.

[Via The Washington Post]