Detroit Lions Running Back Joique Bell Went OFF In A Postgame Interview About His Mom And God


In the absence of Reggie Bush, Detroit Lions running back Joique Bell rushed 18 times for 74 yards and a touchdown in a 17-3 win over the Minnesota Vikings. After the game he was asked about his performance, which provided as good an opportunity as any to go on a passionate rant about all that’s good and decent in the world.

Channeling the energy of a televangelist, Bell explained.

“I said, ‘Mom, we believe in each other,’ and she said, ‘As long as you believe in each other, and we put God first, we were going to come out on top… We said it. We said it as a team. Oh my God. Oh my goodness. Listen to me. When you put God first, and you go out there and do what you’ve got to do on that field, you’re always going to come out on top.”

Now, speaking as a long-suffering Lions fan, I can’t help but wonder where this God has been the last, oh, 57 years. One playoff victory in a half-century doesn’t exactly scream divine intervention.

On a serious note, though, good for this guy. Just once in my life I’d like to be this excited about anything.

[H/T: Shutdown Corner]