The Internet Roasts Jon Gruden After Khalil Mack’s Dominant Performance Against The Green Bay Packers

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Jon Gruden and the Oakland Raiders chose to move star pass rusher Khalil Mack before the start of the regular season instead of paying the defensive juggernaut

“It wasn’t my goal to trade Khalil when we got here. One of the reasons I’m here is because of him.” Says it was a contract standoff. Economics/salary cap factored.
We have waited. We waited and waited, and the Rams game was looming,”. “Our feeling was he was not going to report anytime soon. Like I said, I saw the Redskins go through it with Kirk Cousins, this long process. You can wait it out. You can franchise him. You can force him to play. But we made a decision and we’re going to stand by it.

“We made an offer. I don’t believe we were anywhere close to where the Bears were. The Bears made us an offer that we thought was really unique.”

Eventually the Bears pulled the trigger on the trade and immediately made Mack one of the highest paid players in the league.

The move has already paid dividends in the team’s first game as Mack has wreaked havoc on the Packers offensive line and picked up two turnovers including a pick-six in the first half of the game.

The Internet went on to roast Jon Gruden after Mack’s impressive first half vs the Packers.