Jon Gruden Rips Oregon’s Florescent Yellow Uniforms To Marcus Mariota While Wearing Florescent Yellow Shirt

Marcus Mariota was the latest quarterback to be locked in a room with Jon Gruden for his QB Camp series on ESPN. The excitable Monday Night Football analyst had plenty of good things to say about the former Oregon Ducks signal caller.

But Gruden had a big problem with what Mariota was wearing while rewriting the record books.

He couldn’t hide his displeasure with the Ducks’ florescent yellow uniforms, saying the eye-popping tops were part of the “worst ensemble” in Oregon history.

And it would have been a throwaway comment if he hadn’t been sitting there literally wearing a shirt of the same damn color.


Haha. Amazing.

If they could bottle up something to make me feel like Gruden for even, like, an hour, I’d hand over all my money.

Must be fun as hell.

[H/T: @ChrisLaw]