Jon Jones Hints At Retirement After Describing Dream Fight To End His Career

Jon Jones

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

After coming back to the UFC and displaying ultimate dominance, Jon Jones is ready to defend the heavyweight title for the first time in his career.

A fight date has not officially been made yet, but chances are that Jones will be taking on Stipe Miocic in what should be a massive brawl.

However, on Saturday night, Jon Jones had UFC fans on their toes after he hinted at his retirement. All while describing his dream matchup against Miocic as a perfect way to end his career.

Here’s what Jones had to say about his eventual fight against the heavyweight GOAT.

Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic at Madison Square Garden sounds like a true spectacle. That would certainly be a sight to see.

Additionally, Jones makes a fair point. That scenario would probably be the best way for the UFC GOAT to retire.

Even so, some fans don’t want him to retire just yet. After this response, perhaps Jones was just teasing fans after all.

So, who really knows what Jones is planning to do after his next fight? We could witness him lay the gloves on the mat. Or, there’s a chance he’s just messing with UFC fans.

Either way, Jon Jones had the UFC community buzzing late Saturday night.

Jones could really become the GOAT in two different weight classes. All while being the overall GOAT as well.

Fight fans still want a Jon Jones-Francis Ngannou matchup. Even though it’s unlikely to ever happen. But never say never!

We should be getting a fight announcement relatively soon. Dana White announced that the UFC would love for Jones and Stipe to fight in Madison Square Garden. So, we should hopefully see an official announcement soon.

With that said, keep your eyes peeled for any updates. A Jon Jones-Stipe Miocic matchup would likely take place in late 2023.