One Of The Premier Dunkers In The World Just Pulled Off Another Unbelievable Slam Dunk

It seems as though every dunk imaginable has been done. But Johnathan Clark is an innovator. The 6’2” baller with freakish athleticism continues to push the boundaries of gravity. Clark, a former high jumper at UCLA, is bringing out his A-game in 2017 with a series of dunks where he stands still. The high-flyer somehow does a complete flip then bounces back up to go through the legs for the incredible dunk.

You’re not supposed to achieve that much vertical by just standing there.

But it’s not all standing-still dunks. Check out this incredible slam from the Drew League Dunk Contest.

Here’s Clark coming inches of hitting his head on the rim on an outstanding stuff.

Jonathan is just a freak of nature.

Here’s Jonathan’s ridunkulous highlight reel.