The Inevitable Supercut Of Jordan Spieth Talking To His Golf Ball At The Masters Has Been Released

Jordan Spieth got a ton of TV time during this year’s coverage of the Masters. That only happens when you are winning the tournament or if your name is Tiger Woods. Obviously, he had one of those two things going for him.

For the casual golf fan, they got to learn a few things about Spieth throughout the weekend. One is that he has full conversations with his golf ball in an effort to get it to go where he wants it to go and the other is the unfortunate situation that lives under his hat. But fuck it, right? Dude is going to make more money during his 21st year on earth than most of us will make in our lifetime. He can suck it up and be bald.

Back to that first thing: Spieth pleading with his ball to obey his commands during practically every shot at the Masters. It’s not unordinary for amateurs to do it; most of the things I say are not safe for anyone to hear. But it’s rare to have a pro who talks to their ball so frequently. So rare, in fact, that someone felt compelled to turn Spieth’s chit-chats into a supercut. That someone is this guy.