Here Is Jordan Spieth’s Entire Pre-Round Warmup Routine, Because You Want To Play Golf Like Jordan Spieth Is Right Now

by 3 years ago

Jordan Spieth is currently climbing to the top of leaderboard at the 2015 Open Championship. At time of publish, Spieth is 6-under through his first 11 holes of the championship. This isn’t exactly new territory for the man who has the best chance to win the Grand Slam since Tiger Woods played golf like Tiger Woods used to play golf.

There is a lot that goes into a golfer’s success: their swing, ball striking, short game, practice habits, pre-shot routines, pre-round routines and, most importantly, what’s brewing between their ears. Since Spieth has been torching every golf course he sets foot on, and since the PGA Tour is DYING to get Millennials to give a fuck about golf, they have released his entire pre-round warmup routine from the John Deer Classic.

Try it for yourself, and then go out and double bogey the first hole like you always do.

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