Jordany Valdespin Allegedly Called Mets Coach Terry Collins a C*cksucker

According to a Mets source, the volatile [player], upon learning he had been demoted to Triple-A Las Vegas on Saturday, got into a confrontation with Terry Collins, during which he called the manager a “cocksucker.”

The source said Valdespin, in the course of his heated exchange with Collins, also tried to invent an injury and demanded to be placed on the disabled list.

Yeah, getting demoted is a lot like getting hit in the dick with a fastball. But Valdespin handled that particular unpleasantness with great aplomb.

Maybe he’s had one too many bad Vegas experiences. Or perhaps he just likes the way “cocksucker”—and pardon my pun here – rolls off the tongue.

Either way, calling the major league manager a name like this doesn’t seem like the best way to be invited back up from the minors.

[H/T: New York Post]