ESPN Radio Host Goes Scorched Earth On ‘Moron’ Dick Vitale Who Won’t Stop Tweeting About LSU Basketball

Dick Vitale is one of those guys on TV who has been ‘old’ for my entire life. He seemed ancient from the first time I saw him on camera for a UNC-Duke game. I actually think Dick Vitale is a pretty great guy. I see him around town (Sarasota) all the time and he’s extremely polite to the strangers/fans that approach him. He sat behind me at a Tampa Bay Rays playoffs game last season and I watched as he glad-handed every security guard and staff member in the area like an old mafia guy walking into a restaurant in New Jersey.

He seems great in person, but on Twitter he’s beyond insufferable.

Many of his tweets are completely nonsensical. I unfollowed him a LONG time ago because it was impossible to discern his tweets as an ESPN college basketball analyst from a senile boomer who needed to have his phone taken away.

One thing that Dick Vitale’s been tweeting about A LOT recently is an alleged ‘pay for play’ LSU Basketball scandal which first began to make headlines back in March. Jordy Culotta is a radio host for ESPN’s Off The Bench (1045 ESPN / ESPN Radio NOLA) and he went scorched earth on the aging Dick Vitale for tweeting about things he has no business talking about. It’s actually quite refreshing to see an ESPN employee speak so candidly about a colleague.

The Twitter clip is condensed to just 2:11 and the YouTube clip below that is the full 4-minutes:


Here are some of Vitale’s recent tweets about LSU Basketball so you can get a sense of the situation:

As pointed out by Reags from Barstool Sports, this isn’t the first time that LSU radio personalities have gotten into it with the 81-year-old Dick Vitale and based on that clip above this appears to be a situation that’s only going to escalate unless Dickie V puts down his phone and stops tweeting.