Jose Canseco Blew His Middle Finger Off While Cleaning His Gun

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Jose Canseco went and shot the middle finger of his left hand off while cleaning his gun last night. If you’re not a gun expert, that’s not how you clean a gun.

Officers said he was cleaning his handgun and didn’t realize it was loaded. The gun went off, badly injuring one of the fingers on his left hand.

His fiance spoke with Action News on Tuesday evening, and said she was in the kitchen when she heard the shot, adding that Canseco visited the gun range last week and forgot there was still a bullet left in the gun.

She said the injury is so severe, that surgeons are assessing whether the finger needs to be amputated.

Canseco’s fiance said the couple is now getting rid of all their guns. Just in time.

We all anxiously await the former slugger’s return to Twitter. Surely there will be a blow-by-blow summation of the incident, which promises to be enthralling.

[H/T: Action News]

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