Jose Canseco Breaks Down And Cries In First Interview After Blowing Off His Middle Finger

Jose Canseco blew off his middle finger on his left hand off while cleaning his gun a few nights ago. In his first interview with Inside Edition a sobbing Canseco told Inside Edition how the incident happened.

I think i made a simple mistake of thinking the gun was completely clear and trying to clean it with a bullet in the chamber. At first i heard it go off, and the i grabbed the gun and put it on the table and thought nothing happened but looked at my hand and my finger was blown off.

An emotional Canseco went on to descrribe how he luckily didn’t kill his fiance model Leila Knight who was nearby. In the end Canseco will probably be able to keep his middle finger but will likely lose feeling on it.

You can see the segment from Inside Edition below.

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