The Blue Jays’ Josh Donaldson Learned Why You’ll Never Win When Talking Trash To Michael Jordan

Blue Jays’ third baseman Josh Donaldson learned on a golf course that talking trash to one Michael Jordan never works out in your favor.

As we mentioned yesterday, the GOAT even had a court set up on the set of Space Jam back in the day and the games were as real as real can get.

So when Donaldson got the opportunity to hit the links with Jordan he decided that he would try to hang verbally with the man with no fear.

As the two of them were facing a couple of 20-foot putts for par, Donaldson said he wanted to bet Jordan that he’s miss his putt. MJ replied that there was no one other than him you’d want to have the ball with the game on the line in the last seconds.

To which Donaldson replied, “I might say Reggie Miller.”

That’s when MJ dropped the perfect response on him. Watch…

H/T Dime