Josh Hart Sparks Twitter Explosion By Asking A Question That Crosses All New Dads’ Minds

Josh Hart during a playoff game for the Knicks.

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New York Knicks guard Josh Hart is never one to hold back on social media. The Villanova alum gives his opinion on a variety of different topics, and his posts often receive a ton of interaction from both players and fans.

Scrolling through his recent Twitter timeline, you’ll find tweets about reality television, his takes on NY pizza, and a number of roasts of teammates and friends.

On Tuesday, though, he sent out maybe his most viral tweet of the year.

The post has 26.2 million views, nearly 42K likes, 9K retweets, and endless replies.

Let’s preface the off-the-wall tweet with some background. Hart recently became the father of twins, with his wife, Shannon, giving birth to two brothers.

The delivery came while the Knicks were in Miami finishing out an NBA Playoff series with the Heat. Hart wouldn’t miss any action on the floor, though he couldn’t see the birth in person due to his being in Florida.

Instead, the team set up a Zoom call so that he could be as close to the action as possible while seeing his new sons for the first time. The twin boys and their mother were happy and healthy upon leaving the hospital, and with the Knicks’ season ending shortly thereafter, he’s now shifted to dad-mode.

With his new role as a father come questions. As the dad of a seven-month-old son myself, I completely understand.

On Tuesday, Josh Hart asked something that crosses all fathers’ minds, though I will say that I’ve yet to dabble.

The unexpected tweet caused an immediate explosion on social media as players and media began to respond to the post.

A few NBA stars chimed in with their responses, including DeAaron Fox.

Teammate Jalen Brunson also weighed in.

Brunson then hilariously unfollowed Hart for asking the question.

Dan Orlovsky, a father of four, says he’s tried.

And then, there’s the question within the question.

The tweet blew up so much that Stephen A. Smith spoke about it on his podcast.

“I’ve never been inclined… No wonder Jalen Brunson said, ‘Lose my number.’ Josh Hart is a weird one,” Smith said.

It seems the internet is split down the middle with their answers, though if you’ve been in Hart’s position, you have to admit you’ve at least thought about it. As for me, I’ll remain on the side of “no” for the time being.

Something tells me Hart won’t be there much longer.

Jacob Elsey
BroBible writer. Jacob is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and is based in Charleston, SC.