In A Now Deleted Tweet ESPN’s Josina Anderson Suggested Mason Rudolph Called Myles Garrett ‘Something Egregious’

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Twitter was a bit of a wasteland following the Myles Garrett – Mason Rudolph brawl on Thursday night.

Most people came to the defense of Rudolph seeing as how Garrett ripped the man’s helmet off and took a swing at him, but ESPN NFL reporter Josina Anderson went in a different direction and immediately defended Garrett suggesting Rudolph called him ‘something egregious.’

Anderson later deleted the tweet, but it’s not the best of looks.

It’s not completely clear on what Anderson is implying with ‘something egregious’, but people are going to read that and take it for what they want to take it as.

But, like everyone else, she doesn’t know what exactly was said, if anything, prior to the massive brawl and sending out a tweet like that seconds after one of the wildest moments in recent NFL history was a bold decision.

Following the brawl, Garrett did not apologize for what happened in the final seconds of the game and suggested that the fight didn’t overshadow the Browns win. Baker Mayfield called the entire thing ‘inexcusable‘ following the game.

It’s also been pointed out that Rudolph may have kicked Garrett in the groin ultimately starting the brawl, but that appears to be somewhat of a stretch.


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