J.R. Smith Just BURNED Kris Humphries on Twitter

Kris Humphries used to be married to Kim Kardashian, then they divorced after like a week, and then the porn star was knocked up by Kanye West. This sequence of events is undeniably funny, and it probably makes up 95% of all trash talk directed at Humphries on the court during NBA games. 

Unfortunately, the NBA doesn't mike up its players, so we don't really know how much shit Humphries gets for his marriage. All we're going off is our knowledge of male nature, and whatever Jalen Rose says about basketball trash talk in every one of those Grantland podcasts.

So thank God for social media. Yesterday, after the Nets topped the Knicks 88-85 to tie the season series at 2-all, Humphries threw this shade into the Internet.

And then this is how J.R. Smith responded.


[H/T: Buzzfeed Sports]