Juan Perez Just Made The Best Home Run Robbery Of The Season, And I Still Don’t Believe It

by 4 years ago


Robbing someone of a home run in baseball takes a lot of different factors to go right for a player, as it’s about instinct, timing, speed and jumping ability—among other things—all wrapped into one, split-second decision.

With so many good ones in MLB history, outfielders remind us that they’re actually pretty freakish in their athletic ability, leaving us fans blown away with our jaws on the ground wondering how they came up with a ball that appeared to be a homer.

Today, in a game between the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals, Giants outfielder Juan Perez just provided another one of those moments, as he defied what a 5’11” man should be able to do.

Covering a good 30 yards or so as he sprinted towards the warning track, Perez timed everything just perfectly and had enough athletic ability to crash against the wall and bring back a Stephen Piscotty blast.

I’ve watched this about 15 times and I still have no clue how Perez pulled this thing off. Looks like ol’ dude ate his protein to give himself extra strength or something, because this was sick.

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