Julius Randle’s Son Had The Absolute Perfect Reaction To His Brutal 3-Point Contest Showing

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New York Knicks star Julius Randle has the 11th-most made 3-pointers in the NBA this season.

Which made Randle a prime candidate for the NBA 3-point contest when the league had to replace Blazers guard Anfernee Simons, who pulled out due to an injury.

But you must always remember to read the final print. And it appears the NBA failed to do this.

Despite make a high volume of 3-pointers for the Knicks, Randle has not shot the ball particularly efficiently from beyond the arc this season. Or in any season, for that matter.

Randle’s 33.8 percent 3-point field goal percentage ranks 123rd in the league. Not great!

Fans rightfully clowned the NBA for adding Randle to the prestigious contest. But who knows, maybe he could produce something nobody saw coming.

Well, now the 3-point contest is over and we know that no, in fact, he could not produce something special.

Randle scored just 13 of a possible 40 points during his attempt, which somehow was only second-worst in the contest ahead of Sacramento Kings forward Kevin Huerter, who scored just 8.

Unfortunately, yet also somewhat adorably, Randle’s six-year-old son Kyden had high hopes for his father in the event. And after witnessing his pops put in an all-time stinker, his reaction was absolutely priceless.

Chin up kid, your dad is an immensely rich and successful basketball player. The two of you will make it through this hardship and be better for it.

Though Randle, Julius that is, does have to return to the New York Knicks after the All-State break is over. Maybe Kyden was just upset about having to go back and watch more Knicks games now.

If that’s the case, we totally understand his heartbreak. That’s a tough ask for fans of any age. Especially when your dad has to play with RJ Barrett every night.