Drunk, Married Justin Bartha Really Blatantly Hit On Knicks Reporter Jill Martin During TV Interview



Sometimes it’s rather easy to get yourself in trouble after having a few too many drinks — actor and The Hangover star Justin Bartha may have learned that lesson today. While attending a Knicks game this afternoon, Bartha was interviewed by sideline reporter Jill Martin, and Bartha appeared to have had just a bit of booze in his system. He was rambling on a bit, teasing Martin and interviewing her himself when he decided that it’d be a good idea to tell Martin “maybe we could do something, like me and you.” And he even offered to get Bradley Cooper involved, you know, if she was down:

You can check out the full interview below (he smoothly puts his arm around Martin to set the tone right away):

Oh, it should probably be noted that Bartha is MARRIED — he tied the knot with Lia Smith last January. We’re not sure what she thinks of this, but we’d have to imagine he’s in a bit of hot water.

We should also note that Martin’s reaction is pretty great.

h/t Seth Rosenthal