If You Hate Justin Bieber Then Watching Him Completely Suck At Golf Will Be Very Satisfying For You

Golf is not an easy sport to master. A lot of people horrifyingly bad at it. Because the universe loves us, you can now add Justin Bieber to that list of terrible golfers. He’s not Charles Barkley bad — I mean, who the fuck is? — but he’s definitely dog shit.

TMZ obtained the footage above of Bieber unsuccessfully trying to hit numerous golf balls from the same spot. He frustratingly reloads several times and while we don’t see where his ball winds up, his reaction (and the wildly unorthodox finish to his swing) tells us all we need to know about the result.

As it turns out, that is Bieber’s actual followthrough. His swing doesn’t look too bad at the beginning, but that finish is putrid. Here it is again from a video taken while he was golfing in Hawaii…and also enjoying a mulligan or ten.