Justin Fields Could Barely Sit On Exercise Bike After Receiving Bone-Crushing Hit, Was Still Able To Torch Clemson’s Defense With Big Plays


Ohio State QB Justin Fields saw his draft stock skyrocket on Friday night after showing his toughness in the Sugar Bowl.

Before halftime of the Clemson-Ohio State, Fields took a vicious hit from Clemson linebacker James Skalski, who was ejected for targeting on the play.

After the hit Fields immediately threw two touchdowns to extend Ohio State’s lead over Clemson despite the fact that he was clearly in pain.

Later in the game, Fields was seen having trouble sitting on an exercise bike to stay loose by ESPN’s cameras.

Even though he was clearly struggling after the hit, Fields was still able to connect on some big plays against Clemson’s defense.

Just an incredible display of toughness and resilience by Fields.