Justin Verlander Reminds You His Life Is Better Than Yours By Showing Off His New $450K Ford GT

kate upton justin verlander world series

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You probably don’t need weekly reminders that Justin Verlander is one of the luckiest human beings on the entire planet. But he’s out there living his absolute best life right now. Verlander helped the Houston Astros win the World Series on Nov. 1. and then on Nov. 4, Justin married Kate Upton in a medieval church in Tuscany, Italy. If that wasn’t enough envy fuel, Verlander flaunted his brand new $450,000 supercar.

On Tuesday, Verlander posted a very sexy video of his new 2017 Ford GT. Ford only manufactured 500 of the 2017 GTs and Verlander got his hands on one despite more than 7,000 reportedly applying for the opportunity to spend nearly a million dollars on the exotic ride. The Astros starting pitcher and Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish doppelganger posted a video of the sweet-sounding purr of the GT’s engine on his Instagram.

Speaking of that potent powerplant in the GT, it is a V6 turbo with 647 horsepower. This road beast can hit a top speed of 216 mph. Verlander already has a $160,000+ Audi R8 and a $250,000+ Ferrari 488 in his garage of boy toys. Yeah, it’s good to be Justin Verlander. Very, very good.