Justin Verlander’s Fake Marriage Proposal To Kate Upton Just Gave The Internet A Heart Attack

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander, America’s most important couple, may have just taken their relationship to a new level. Either that or they’re messing with everyone’s hearts and minds. It’s a very confusing moment for all of us.


UPDATE: Upton deleted the post after all the brouhaha it sparked. Predictable.


Upton says she’s kidding, but can we really trust anything she says? This is a woman who will appear in literally any commercial on television. You can’t get through a block of ads without seeing her at least once.

In all honesty, I’m pretty disappointed all logic points to this being a tease. A professional athlete proposing to arguably the most sought-after woman on the planet with a hastily scrawled ketchup/sriracha note would be a real treat — and set the bar so low for all the average dudes out there.