DJ Steve Aoki Learns How To Ride A Hydrofoil Board From Kai Lenny, One Of The Best Surfers Alive

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Steve Aoki hydrofoil

YouTube / Kai Lenny

Steve Aoki is one of the top DJ’s in the world. The man has an estimated net worth of over $75 million for mixing tracks with the hottest musicians on the planet, and playing festivals and clubs year round. I’ve been fortunate enough to see him perform in Las Vegas and I have to say that he puts on one of the best shows around. You definitely don’t need to be deep into the EDM scene in order to enjoy a Steve Aoki performance but I don’t know why I’m explaining this to you bros because I’m guessing over 50% of you out there have seen him live.

I don’t know much about Steve Aoki the man other than that he was born in Miami and considers California home. I do, however, know a bit about Kai Lenny. Kai’s one of the best living surfers in the world. He can compete in any competition, on the WSL or Big Wave tour, and he’s a pioneer in the field of hydrofoil surfing. In a recent outing in Hawaii, Kai Lenny took Steve Aoki out to learn how to hydrofoil:

Kai just uploaded that video to his YouTube channel. If you’re wondering what that track is it’s ‘Kolony Anthem’ by Steve Aoki (of course).

I mentioned that Kai Lenny is kind of the king of the hydrofoil, and he really is. Kai Lenny has set the Molokai2Oahu world record by paddling the 32 miles across Hawaii’s treacherous Kaiwi Channel in a record 4 hours and 7 minutes. He also paddled over 200 miles across the Hawaiian island chain to raise awareness about ocean pollution and help clean up the waters of Hawaii. This is a bro who’s out there living the dream, and someone you should definitely know.

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