Kansas Football Shows Off New Locker Room & Weight Room Ahead Of 2023 Season

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Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

The 2023 college football season is just weeks away as teams across the nation prepare for what should be another spectacular year.

While some programs are jumping ship to different conferences, others have been focusing on improving their personal facilities.

One of which is the University of Kansas, as the football team received a major facelift to its locker room and weight room.

So much so, you might think the Kansas Jayhawks are a football school and not a basketball school.

The Kansas Football social media team shared a sick hype video showcasing all of the new features the locker room and weight room are equipped with. Clearly, the Jayhawks are ready for the 2023 season.

According to Yahoo Sports, β€œa specific project cost was not provided.” However, the school obviously put a ton of money into the project.

Head coach Lance Leipold provided some details about the locker room, per Yahoo Sports. The facility expanded from 6,000 square feet to 8,000.

Additionally, β€œit’s a gathering space with 124 lockers, up from 110, that include a number of different features like reclining capabilities designed for football players. Considering all the time athletes spend in the facility, the various improvements β€” such as a new audio system β€” were critical.”

Meanwhile, the weight room was given a total makeover. Yahoo Sports reports that some of the equipment is made for specific position groups in mind. That way, players can train toward their true strengths on the football field.

β€œThere are 24 platform weight racks now instead of 12, with eight designed differently than the other 16 so they can address things such as training for offensive linemen and certain movements.”

With plenty of new schools joining the Big-12 in 2024, it makes sense for Kansas Football to make these necessary changes now.

And who knows, with everything going on in college sports, maybe the Jayhawks will become known for football as well as basketball. Especially now with these sick new facilities available to the players.