Kate Upton Taught Arnold Palmer How to Putt

by 5 years ago

Palmer and Upton know each other through her manager, an IMG Talent Agency employee named Lisa Benson. Benson's father is a former golfing buddy of Palmer's, and it's resulted in a highly publicized dinner “date” between Arnie and Kate at Bay Hill earlier this year, as well as at least one golf lesson.

But who's teaching who? 

Arnie, you dog. Pulling the ol' “You've gotta teach me” trick. This, by the way, is what he told USA Today about Upton back in March:

“Did you see this?” Palmer said, holding up the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue with Upton on the cover. “She's coming here. Did you know that?”

He put it back on his desk, gave it one last look, and then grabbed a stack of papers to place over the magazine.

“I better cover this up,” he said.

He grinned. The man is simply timeless.


[H/T: The Big Lead]

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