Mystery Man Yelling In Instagram Live Video Filmed By Kawhi Leonard’s Sister Implies That Kawhi Is Leaving Toronto After Finals

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Despite the fact that Kawhi Leonard has made it to the NBA finals with the Toronto Raptors many fans are still unsure where the superstar forward is going to play next year.

After last night’s game 6 of the eastern conference, Kawhi Leonard’s sister celebrated the Raptors victory by interacting with fans on Instagram live.

During that IG live session a mystery man in the background could be heard yelling “they know darn well he ain’t gonna be there next year”

Kawhi’s sister deleted the video and said the person in the background was just a “Raptors hater”

The damage was already done and Raptors fans were in full on freak out mode despite the fact that the team is headed to the NBA finals.