Kawhi Leonard’s Emotionless Reaction To Game-Sealing Block Against Celtics Has NBA Twitter Believing He’s An Actual Robot

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I told myself I’d go to bed at halftime of the Clippers vs. Celtics game Wednesday night because it started at 10 for us east coasters. I did not. At 1 am, I was bouncing off the fucking walls wishing I was with just one other person to validate what I was witnessing.

The Clippers 107-104 overtime win had everything: two of the best teams in the league squaring off, insanely good plays by the players, insanely bad calls by the ref, C’s coach and polite man Brad Stevens getting his first technical foul since 2014, Kawhi being a freak, Marcus Smart showing once again why he is the most electric (and underrated) defender in the league, Patrick Beverley winning another Oscar for flopping, Jayson Tatum making Paul George fall with a crossover before hitting a three to send it to overtime, and last second heroics.

If you have a social media account, you probably saw Kawhi drop his nuts on the head of Daniel Theis during a crucial spot in the fourth quarter.


Or Kawhi’s game-sealing block against Kemba Walker, which elicited absolutely zero emotion from the fun guy other than one single clap.


After the game, Kawhi was asked to speak on his thunderous dunk over Theis and the block that secured the win. His brain short-circuited shortly thereafter.

Truly Shakespearian stuff right there from Kawhi. Never change you beautifully weird bastard.

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