Kazakhstan Wins Gold In Weightlifting, Then Wins Gold Again With The Sickest Dance Moves Since Carlton Banks

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There’s a lot of controversy surrounding Nijat Rahimov’s gold medal win for Kazakhstan last night in the 77kg Weightlifting class, but one thing that’s indisputable is how sick this bro’s dancing moves are…And now for the controversy…

For starters, he’s previously served a two-year ban for doping. Next, he was in no way considered a contender for a gold medal and this massive jump in his limits of lifting has raised a lot of eyebrows. Lastly, he just snuck in to win the Gold Medal by upping his final clean-and-jerk by 12-kilograms to tie China’s Lyu Xiaojun, the Gold Medal winner from 2012. By upping his lift by 12kg he broke a 15-year-old World Record with a clean-and-jerk of 214kg, and a two-phase lift total of 379kg which tied China’s Lyu Xiaojun but gave him the Gold Medal because he weighed in lighter.

Olympics: Weightlifting

Andrew P. Scott-USA TODAY Sports

Olympics: Weightlifting

Andrew P. Scott-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not close enough to the world of Olympics Weightlifting to speculate on whether or not his unexpected ascent to the Gold Medal podium is likely the result of doping or if it’s because he’s trained his ass off like he says he has (via FoxNews):

“When normal people were asleep, we were training. When the snow was deep — you know how it is in Kazakhstan — we went out for training at 11 or 12 (at night),” he said. He added he had treated Kazakhstan’s possible ban from Rio Olympic weightlifting as “a rumor” and was not distracted from training.

For what it’s worth, it was the Bronze Medal winner from Egypt, Mohamed Mahmoud, who started immediately tossing around accusations of doping and not China’s Lyu Kiaojun who received the Silver Medal.

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