MLB Player Calls Out Ump Show After Blatant Missed Call, Begs MLB To Bring In Robots

KeBryan Hayes stands at second base.

Getty Image

KeBryan Hayes wasn’t too happy with an umpire following his most recent game. The Pirates star called out the blue behind the plate for missing an obvious call.

Hayes posted a message to Twitter after Pittsburgh’s loss to the Atlanta Braves, accompanied by a photo of a pitch outside of the zone that was called a strike.

“Some umpires really don’t care. 3-1 call not even close,” the post read as Hayes blasted the umpire. “I hold him accountable after the game walking off the field and his response is, ‘I gave you a chance to hit a homerun.’ That tells me you don’t care at all. No accountability.”

The third baseman then tagged the MLB social account and begged for an automated ball-strike system.

That pitch came in the top of the eighth inning on Sunday during Hayes’s final at-bat. He would later strike out swinging.

The delivery was clearly out of the zone and would have given the infielder a base on balls had it been called correctly. Instead, Hayes headed back to the dugout with a K.

Many online agreed.

“That is a WILD reason to call a ball ten feet out of the zone a strike in a 3-1 game. Umps got to go, they’ve had their 155 years,” one follower wrote.

“Own him,” said another.

It’s the latest “Ump Show” incident to unfold as steam builds for robot umpires.