Ken Griffey Jr Follows In Randy Johnson’s Photography Footsteps, Snaps Lionel Messi At Inter Miami Match

Ken Griffey Jr takes a photograph at the Inter Miami game.

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Ken Griffey Jr. is the latest MLB player to pick up photography after retirement. The Hall of Fame outfielder was seen shooting soccer superstar Lionel Messi at a recent Inter Miami match.

This comes after former teammate Randy Johnson went viral for his time behind the lens. Sports fans have been quick to comment on social media about the recent Griffey sighting.

It must be something about Seattle.

Former Mariner Randy Johnson has long spoken about his love of photography, going viral last year after shooting an NFL game. The lanky left-handed pitcher typically takes pictures of sporting events, concerts, and wildlife, owning a website that aptly has a dead bird as the logo.


Now, Ken Griffey Jr. is in the photography spotlight.

The legendary MLB centerfielder was spotted at a recent Inter Miami match, snapping a few shots of soccer superstar Lionel Messi.

The MLS social media team posted a clip of Griffey with his camera on the sidelines, saying that he was “in his element.”

Fans and followers online have been quick to comment on the Griffey sighting. Many immediately made the connection to his Seattle teammate.

Some said that Griffey preferred the uniform requirement a bit more than what he saw in the MLB.

Others joked that it was the only way to see Messi in person.

This isn’t the first time Griffey’s been spotted with a camera. Earlier this year, he was caught snapping photos during the MLB All-Star festivities in Seattle.

It’s definitely cool to see a couple of retired big leaguers on the sidelines doing what they love to do. Hopefully, we catch both Jr. and Johnson behind the lens throughout the year.