Was Someone Holding a Gun to Ken Griffey Jr. During This Awkward ESPN Interview?


Ken Griffey Jr. was the face of baseball for several years in the 1990’s. He had a flashy game, a flashy smile, and personality to burn.

So what the hell happened between then and now?

The sweet-swinging lefty yesterday gave an interview to ESPN’s Linda Cohn in which he showed all the enthusiasm of a man visiting a sadistic dentist for a root canal.

Ever the professional, Cohn tried to keep the train wreck on the rails with little success.

Lifelong fans of Griffey — and those hoping his 1989 Upper Deck rookie card doesn’t decrease in value — will be happy to know he apologized for the cringe-worthy television.

I want to apologize to Linda for the way things went today. I was in the middle of a cough attack and felt a little ill and didn’t want to walk off the set. Linda has always been professional to me and my family .  I’m sorry, Junior @espn@sportcenter@lindacohn

We’ll assume the whole issue has been put to bed because only a monster could stay mad at this face.