Kendrick Lamar Listing Kobe’s Biggest NBA Moments In ‘Fade To Black’ Might Be The Greatest Tribute Video To Date

He’s just always been there. For 20 years, Kobe Bryant has been running up and down NBA courts. If you’re a Lakers fan or Los Angeles resident, you’re reminded at least once a day he’s still doing it after 20 years. The rest of the country kind of forgot up until earlier this season when he announced his plans to retirement.

We all take the great ones for granted like they’ll always be there to cheer or boo. Until they’re not.

Since the Lakers have been Kobe’s team for the last two decades, and LA is the home of Kendrick Lamar, it only makes sense he’d be willing to pay tribute to The Black Mamba. In this ESPN clip titled “Fade to Black,” Compton’s son remembers Bryant’s biggest moments and rattles off the highlights of his Hall of Fame career.

[via Hypebeast]