Kendrick Perkins Threatens To Expose Kyrie Irving’s Private Conversations With Players After Getting Called A ‘Sell Out’ By Kevin Durant

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NBA players have not played a game in over three months but there’s plenty of drama brewing behind the scenes.

On Wednesday afternoon, retired NBA player Kendrick Perkins went on ESPN’s ‘Get Up’ and blasted Nets guard Kyrie Irving for trying to organize players to sit out the NBA season amid racial tension in the country.

“If you take Kyrie Irving’s brain and put it in a bird right now, guess what that bird is going to do? It’s going to fly backwards because Kyrie Irving right is confused, he’s showing his lack of leadership.

When you look at Kyrie I’m ok with you changing your mind and having a different way of thinking and you know what, we need to make a stand, but what is the plan after that, he didn’t have one, so once again that showed his lack of leadership and guess what’s been going on the last two days in our world two people have been lynched in the state of Texas, an African-American lady was killed in Akron,Ohio and they have been highlighted as they should have been? No, because the last two days we’ve been talking about Kyrie Irving, so Kyrie Irving you are the distraction.

Kyrie’s teammate Kevin Durant went on to call Perkins a “sell out” for his rant.

Perkins responded to Durant by saying that he was ready to expose Kyrie’s private conversations with players in a now-deleted NSFW tweet.