Kent State’s Jon Cunningham Tried To Make His Head Explode On The Sidelines, Came Real Close


Kent State defensive tackle Jon Cunningham was fired up for the return of MACtion last night. Perhaps a little too fired up.

Here’s what he did on the sidelines during a 30-20 loss to Toledo. We would not recommend you trying it at home because it’s not really suitable for humans.


While you have to admire his passion, the fact the Golden Flashes are 1-8 makes the whole thing just that much more ridiculous. Like, what would be be doing if they were 8-1? Murdering people and feasting on their blood on the sidelines? Starting fires in the student section?

On the bright side, Cunningham has a future as an extra in future Zack Snyder movies if this whole football thing doesn’t work out.

[H/T: Lost Letterman]

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