Check Out The New Dating Website Specifically For Kentucky Fans And People Looking To Catfish Kentucky Fans

Wisconsin v Kentucky

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There are dating websites for every niche so it should come as no shock there’s now a dating website specifically for Kentucky Wildcat fans.

From USA Today:

This is an idea whose time is long overdue and a target audience already within point-blank range. No fan base is more attentive, more faithful, more passionate or more obsessive than Big Blue Nation. Finding appropriate matches for its members ought to be at least as easy as Louisville’s non-conference schedule.

“Creating this program was challenging, but it was a lot of fun,” said Brandon Crabtree, System Analyst for Sports Dating Inc. “We have developed a program that will let you search for people not only by their hair color or location but also by what we are calling ‘fandom.’”

Every search results for females ends with this….

And every male search result….

The website just launched today and let’s just say there are a few glitches to be worked out. Here’s a screenshot of the About page. Stellar beginning for the website that’s ironically mirroring the end of the Kentucky Wildcat’s basketball season.

[via USA Today]

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